Friday, September 2, 2016

The Home Lab of Darby Weaver - 9-2-2016

Here's a picture of my home lab and racks and it looks like I'm setting up some new book shelves this weekend so there will be some updates.

This is the Home Operations Center - 16 monitors with a capacity for 32 on two HP XW8600 Workstations

These are 3 of the racks I am setting up in the same room - I'm due for an updated photo.

These are some of the Cisco Expert Level CCIE Labs I'm working on in the interim.
This is what my Remote Labs look like that I work with at work - well one of them - there are more of them - The Cisco MDS 9170. 
These are the kinds of networks I've walked into, worked on, and cleaned up.  I typically take about 1 day per rack to document, cable, and verify with minimal to no downtime for most applications. It looks worse than it is.  This is actually about 2+ racks of equipment and during most of the last 20 years was a rather common sight.  So nothing really amazing unless you are not used to it.

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Jhob said...

Your lab looks pretty amazing! I have a small lab to practice for CCIE Collaboration, I'm still building the inicial config :)