Thursday, March 11, 2010

Super Labs of the Internet - Darby Weaver

I'm building my own labs over again... but here are some that have preceeded my own public display of a Cisco Lab.

1. Shane Edelman's Racks - They have been dismantled since about 2003 as I recall, I actually bought a few pieces of my racks from Shane - My first 7505 and at least 2 Analog Simulators that I still have are pictured in Shane's Racks - Shane is an awesome inspiration.  R.I.P. to his awesome well labeled lab...

Here's some Snips:

2. Scott Morris's Racks - Scott's Racks used to be more Cisco but as of this picture are a lot more Juniper.  He says he uses them for hosting, remote rack rentals, and his class developments purposes so I guess he's gotten a good use of his gear over the years.  Nothing like ROI. 

Update: January 2011 -> RIP - It seems this lab is no more...  ouch!

Here's a Snip from Network World:


3. Darby Weaver's Racks - Here's my pics so far (I'll need to update with the latest pics -still a work in progress):



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