Sunday, January 8, 2017

Darby Weaver's Goals and Objectives in 2017

Darby Weaver's Goals and Objectives in 2017

Well it's a New Year and it's time to cut the ties to last  year and begin to bring in the New Year.

I'm starting out the New Year with a Skills Refresh.  It's that time again. 

I've typically been diverse over the years this year has been promising as I've closed out this first week so far.

1. I committed to working on the Cisco CCDE, the CCIE RS, and CCIE Data Center tracks this year. 

2. I'm also working on a specific project to document my WAAS/vWAAS Lab Deployment - this includes a complete multi-data center, multi-tenant virtual infrastructure, with security, network management, visibility, and automation for my storage, wireless, security, core physical and virtual architecture that I've turned my simple home network into.

3. I just finished a project doing some of the pre-planning and analysis for the JRSS (Joint Regional Secure Stack) Network Upgrade - 20 Racks of Equipment to provide a more robust and secure environment for the Pentagon, DISA, and the United States Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force.

4. I've completed my projects for the Boeing Company, Dell, Microsoft, Computer Science Corporation, Federal Government Projects, Homeland Defense, etc. and all that each of those projects entailed.

5. I've wrapped up my last 5 years of work firmly entrenched as an experienced Cisco Network Architect, Design Expert, Planning Engineer, Network Manager, and Consultant/Contractor who has worked on and delivered a wide variety of projects for networks of a few users to well over 100,000 users and a couple of the largest sized networks in this same 5 year time frame.

Now that I have accomplished what most CCIE's and CCDE's want to get certified to do in order to perform at this level of employment, I think it is finally safe for a person of my own experience to sit down, commit, and complete the certifications that I've finally completed the practicum of the actual real life experience of.

Not many people can claim to have worked on Networks in as many diverse verticals, governments, and nations as I've been fortunate to find myself working on and completing over my own career.

So now that I have experiences, a resume, and references that serve as testimonials to my experience level as a Cisco Network Architect, it's probably time to cut the chase and go ahead and complete the cycle finally and either get certified at the Expert/Architect Level or move on to other pursuits...

Now that my own home network and data center speed exceed 200Mbps I can really work remotely as well as at mostly any office globally. 

So... that's it for now.


Darby Weaver
The Cisco Network Architect