Saturday, July 4, 2015

CCDE Chronicles of Darby Weaver - Raided One of My Book Shelves Today - QoS


I was looking for my copy of The Art of Network Architecture.  I didn't find it... physically.

So I opted instead for a Cisco Press on a Project Deploying IP Telephony and TelePresence Fundamentals but left my old version of End to End Enterpise QoS behind on the shelf.

My goal right now is to quickly read these books and the updated E2E Enterprise QoS has to be added to my shelf as well as the physical copy of The Art of Network Architecture.

It's on my agenda.

I was reading this CCDE Breakout Selection (BRKCCDE-3006) and decided that I needed to refresh my E2E QoS knowledge a little bit.

The idea is that a thorough understanding of the application of QoS for Voice and Video may be critical in my upcoming CCDE Practical Lab and so I want to own this area of my studies.

I figure it is worth at least 10 points alone and it never hurts, note the QoS SRND is also a perfect E-Copy of Enterprise QoS and most of the TelePresence Fundamentals too.

I figured the book on how and why Cisco handled a VoIP Deployment would make my better understand Cisco's QoS perspective, in case my own views are biased and clouded by my own experiences over the years.

Ok - Got some light reading to do - quick like and 2 books to order ASAP.


Darby Weaver