Sunday, July 26, 2015

Certification 2015: Status Report 7-26-2015

It's a Sunday.  I was out last night at the movie theater no less... only person in the room watching "Mr. Holmes" as in Sherlock Holmes...

Not the best movie I ever watched and as I was awed by the emptiness in the theater... I didn't even turn my iPhone 6 down, much less off... I was there solo...

I started checking out the Cisco Learning Network and a reply one of my little study group friends sent over about the work a member of the forum did for DMVPNs - I thought the work was quite nice a document to explain DMVPN followed by a suite of labs to help cement DMVPNs in the mind of the reader.


Ok - So then the movie started and I did my best to watch the movie.  I recited the movie, nearly verbatim, in the form of 3 stories, which I stole from the theme of the movie before my own version of the re-telling...

Hey - I have to get my bed time stories ideas from somewhere... I even managed to sneak in a moment of surprise which resulted in the feeling of shock... The movie had no such  moment.  I don't live in movies... so...  that's it.

In any event - I killed off a few hours not engaged in some sort of deep study.

But I did prove a small salient proof to myself.

If I give a given subject my undivided attention... no matter the subject...

Then... I have the ability to remember, recite, and re-tell in my own words a given concept, idea, or... entire movie... nearly if not entirely verbatim... down to the names of each character.

Summary:  I never stopped to "grade or test" the ability of my own memory before and strangely enough the movie was about a man, Sherlock Holmes, who also had an uncanny ability for details and his ability to look at a person and tell a quite a bit about the person...  who through his diminished condition in his old age was starting to loose hos most valuable asset, his own memory...

I found that a rather odd coincidence....

That is, I ended up testing my own ability to recant a tale I had seen and heard but once, no trailers or spoilers, etc. of a man who was in the grasp of his own tale of loosing his own superior memory, itself.  Now... that's peculiar to me.

I thought I'd share this tidbit.

I already have surmised that my own ability to retain material I have an interest in is advanced and a gift, however, I am still uncertain as to the limits of this little gift.

What I mean is can I read 1000 pages and retain most or all of it... in one read, or do I need 2 times through the material, perhaps 3 or even 10 times?  A question that begs an answer.

I wonder how others meet this question and challenge of own's innate abilities?  Maybe everyone can do the same, perhaps.  How many people hear a song they like and can remember it to some degree, perhaps verbatim even?  Hmm.... Think about it.

I have to ask myself these kinds of questions... if nothing else but for the sake of efficiency.

The NAVY NUKE SCHOOL taught me, I'd need to see, say, write, and think a given piece of information as many as 7 times to make it a part of my permanent memory and this may be true, since what I saw last night and what I did afterwards was only 1 telling and I may not even try to recant it a week later, much less a year or more... consider the implications.

Anyway, if you've read this far... just think about it and consider your own abilities, that may yet be untapped and underutilized...  The human brain is still largely un-chartered territory in my own estimation.


Darby Weaver