jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2016

My Home Office... An Overview.

I don't have the normal home office.

Not in the least. 

1. It's not in one room. 

2. It's not in two rooms.

3. It's not one house.

4. It's not on one property.

5. It's not in one town.

6. It's not even just in one state.


So it is safe to say it is rather unique. 

More details as I make each of the various components of this Personal LAN//WAN/SAN/WLAN/DC/CO-LO/DMZ/TELCO thing come together to be something quite unique among home offices. 

I'll detail the high level design soon enough - its designed to allow me maximum flexibility in my work and private pursuits while at the same sacrificing absolutely nothing by way of access to my resources - oh and it is a secure too.

Darby Weaver