Friday, August 19, 2016

Leadership by Apprenticeship by Darby Weaver - This "IS" How a CCNA Can Get Experience!

Leadership by Apprenticeship by Darby Weaver - This "IS" How a CCNA Can Get Experience!

I'm not just a advocate of a Cisco Apprenticeship I'm a practitioner of the process and the fulfillment of the pay it forward philosophy promised as a lifelong learner.

This little project of ours is a project that involves mostly every CCNA Discipline or Skill currently offered by the Cisco Certification Program.

As an alumnus of the Cisco Academy, I am committed to helping to motivate and inspire the next generation of life long learners and prospective CCNA and CCNP candidates help develop their own skills to become in an increasingly competitive work environment.

One of my initiatives involves practical experience or more appropriately the application of practical hands-on experience.

In today's virtual world of software defined networking and automation, it is not always easy to get actual hands-on experience. 

The study groups I've led and the people I've worked with over the last 20 or so years simply cannot say the same, they get experience. 

What I've been able to do over the course of my own career is lead the design and direction of literally hundreds of networks and ultimately thousands of others have passed through my influence due to the nature of my professional work and history.  This translates to experiences I am able to help share with those I apprentice or who follow along in the same or similar spirit remotely.

The picture in this discussion looks like a morass of copper and fiber optic cables however, it is cabled correctly when taken with each corresponding Visio Diagram which is in turn populated with information entered into an Excel Workbook and was designed using a multitude of design calls, planning meetings, various hands-on exercises, lots of information stored in various databases, books galore, videos a-plenty, and just lots of good information gleaned carefully over a decent career of a certain Network Architect, in this case, myself.

This means if I deployed it, it is in there.  If I read it, it is in there, if I had to solve a problem the solution is in this mix of cables, metal, and plastic... and let's not forget light fueled by electricity, lots of power.

Knowledge is Power - It just happens to travel on light and is fueled by electricity! - Darby Weaver

So I'm going to add more and more to this design, including the power, cooling, and humidity considerations, space goes without saying, and even weight and load bearing.  Every bit of this equipment and cabling weighs something and costs something to acquire and operate.

Every bit and every byte...

So here's the rack!  The Office Command Center! and an old library picture (I'll update with the current library soon). 

Darby Weaver
The Cisco Network Architect

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