Thursday, October 17, 2013

10-17-2013 - Force 10 LAG Creation - The Basics

LAG Creation - CLI Interface

LAG = Link Aggregation

At the EXEC Privilege mode prompt, type configure and press to enter the Global Configuration mode. Type interface port-channel port-channel number and press to select the port-channel interface. Enter a description for the port channel, if desired.
FTOS# configure 
FTOS(conf)# interface port-channel 1 
FTOS(conf-if-po-10)# description string

Configure the port-channel for Layer 2 or Layer 3 mode.

Layer 2 

FTOS(conf-if-po-10)# switchport 

OR Layer 3 

FTOS(conf-if-po-10)# ip address address/mask

 From INTERFACE port channel mode, enter the interfaces that are to be channel members.

FTOS(conf-if-po-10)# channel-member tengig 0/2

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