Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10-15-2013 - Dell and Force 10 Switches


Just finished a whole bunch of account team calls today.  Being a "consultant" is not all its cracked up to be but hey... 

It can be fun and challenging all at the same time.

I'm having to learn a whole lot about a different line of equipment than I usually work with.

In the Cisco world, Stacking is an option and that's it.  In the Dell world, Stacking in Stacking and it seems mostly everything is just that Stacked.


Gotta stack.

Lots of L1 issues and the L2 stuff is cake.

L3 comes up from time to time but is not necessarily the biggest issue is Data Center design 101.

Seems most of the issues revolve around L1 concerns and then L2/L3 just sort of works itself out.

The Storage Side sort of all comes together just nicely.

Today I have to get to know NPAR inside and out for example.

Staying busy.

Darby Weaver

No rest for the wicked...

Eventually everything is easy...


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