Saturday, September 14, 2013

10 Rules of High Availability Network Design - Darby Weaver

Here are some thoughts worth repeating about High Availability Network Design:

1. Eliminate Spanning-Tree Loops - A loop-free topology is "The Golden Moment!"

2. Create a Layer 3 Dual Path Design - Backup, Backup, and don't forget to Backup!

3. Build Etherchannels across cards - If you have ever lost a blade for no apparent reason you have felt my pain!

4. Use Tracking for HSRP/VRRP - Not a bad feature... I like intelligent network equipment.

5. Passive interfaces have a use... Make them useful.

6. Disable Spanning-Tree on Access Ports or ports that do not otherwise participate in Spanning-Tree

7. Out of Band Management VLAN/Network- Escape Route...

8. Know and Follow Oversubscription Guidelines...  Know your limits.

9. Use High Availability Features for Servers attached to the network...  If it is good enough for routers... It is good enough for servers... too (2)!

10. Deterministic Root Placement - If you know your roots, you know where the buck stops... Solve problems in a word... FASTER!

I'm sure there are some more but these just came to mind...  Try em!

Darby Weaver

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