Saturday, June 18, 2016

Darby's CCIE Resume Review and Advice to a CCIE - 6-18-2016

Here's my initial thoughts:

1. I love the usage of logos - they are meant to advertise and draw attention to your C.V. and they've done that precisely as planned.  Excellent!!!

2. The Summary needs some work... Why?  Well, the truth is you have earned the CCIE, the CCIE is the expert and not the lay man nor the novice.  You are not the student any longer - employers have a lot of respect for the title of the CCIE, don't diminish it by saying you want to learn outright - that's a given but that's your personality and integrity.  You don't have to say it.  That's what you bought by passing the lab exam in the first place - your logo says it plainly and clearly.

What I think it should read:

I'm a seasoned professional Network Engineer/Manager/Architect/Designer/Planner who is ready to hit the ground running.  I am skilled in many areas and in areas that I am not skilled in immediately, I am willing to learn and apply my experience to doing so rapidly.  I'm a natural learner and am able to share my knowledge of networking with my peers, coworkers, and supervisors. I work well with others and do whatever it takes to find the solution to the problem or to the extent as is required by management.  I'm looking forward to working at "COMPANY XXX".

3. Excellent list of certs  - you might want to include the spelled out names for each and you may want to help the reader understand what the capabilities are for each certification.  The more the better.  You are now communicating your value before you ever make it to the interview.  It's important to be the role of master and student. 

4. Platforms and Technical Skills - Make sure you are not listing a "limitation" that is exclusionary and might get your names removed from the job role you've applied for.

 - Tailor this section to each job you apply for - the better you customize it - the higher your chances turn into a guarantee for an interview. They don't care what you've done unless it is something they are willing to pay you for... now or in the future. Choose wisely.

5. Same for competencies... 

6. On the experience.  Careful here.  Y-O-U are the X-PERT.  Not the novice.  You are not the CCNA, they are now expecting you to mentor, teach, and help others and that you are a self-learner who can lead the way. 

 - Read the job descriptions you apply for very well. 

 - Tailor your experience DIRECTLY to what they are looking for and what they want.  They are not in the market for a YUGO when the want a Lamborghini a CCIE is the LAMBO not the YUGO.  Get to work and do your work.

 - NEVER give your resume directly to catch-all recruiters  - you can now be selective on offers and should be.  Don't take what you don't want and won't get you where you are going.  You are a CCIE and you have a certain value, obtain it...

 - You give me brief bullets of what you did.  Great.  Now do better.  I want details.  I want successful details here  - save the war stories on what went wrong and how you saved the day for the interview - it shows humility and that you do have issues and that you can successfully navigate hard spots and still come up winning. 

 - Example - On your ACI Deployments - define ACI and then take a moment to shine and detail what you did and what kind of value it injected into the business - help a business visualize how they can use that success of yours, your template, and make it their own or integrate it with their own product. 

 - The employer wants a working product - not shelf warez...  They are paying good money for a CCIE and you want to deliver top value for the buck. 

 - Take normal and mundane and make it "EXCITING" - It shows you are highly motivated and deliver results with a positive can-do attitude.

7. In the USA, we don't share personal details like sex, age, marriage, and other personal information to employers at the interview and it is improper of them to ask such information of us.

Review - Rewrite - Get back to me and let's get ready for that interview... lot of meaty tips for that one....


Darby Weaver


Muhammad Hamid Ashraf said...

Thanks for the review...Really halpful :)

Muhammad Hamid Ashraf said...

Thanks for the review...Really helpful

Darby Weaver said...

Your welcome sir.


Darby Weaver