Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Intro to Sam Fitzgerald CCIE #19367 Instructor by Darby Weaver

I had the pleasure of meeting Sam Fitgerald #19637 over an E-mail about some professional discussions.  He saw some of my posts here and there and asked me for my opinion.

So... I looked him up.  I was quite impressed with what I found and so the conversation went to the next level.

We made contact and had a phone conversation.

We discussed a few career types of scenarios and I asked about his courses.  Excellent discussion.

Here's his BIO from

Sam Fitzgerald

Network Architect - CCIE #19367


Networking Step by Step's instructors are all CCIE certified and have average over 15 years of experience designing, implementing, and supporting enterprise and service provider networking environments. This real world experience is what makes Networking Step by Step's approach to learning exam concepts unique. In every lecture, the instructor will conduct a "reality check" in which he/she will compare the exam topics to real world scenarios. This helps engineers understand the difference between "book knowledge" versus real life examples.
Anyway - I checked out his courses and he offered one on BGP.
I was now doubly impressed.  Step by Step Networking for the Real World in 5 minutes or less per lesson.
His courses are crisp and clear. Very much step by step.  No frills, just lots of meat and only a very few potatos.  He's down to Earth, easy to listen to, and I just can't make myself bored.
An excellent instructor by all means.
His labs for BGP all follow the same topology and he follows them along step by step and explains things very easily - even for the newest Cisco soon to be certified folks.
The whole course is 23 lessons including 1 for the Introduction.  Each is 5 minutes or less and tally in at about 115 minutes or just under 2 hours and WHAM!!! you know BGP!!!   He includes verification, debugs, and not only the how but also the why...  Can't ask for better.
How KEWL is that?
Very nicely done.
My compliments to Mr. Fitzgerald CCIE #19367

FYI - I could be spending my freebie time on anyone's courses, I chose to review with Sam's courses and I am not disappointed at all.  Very happy with my choice.  Very easy to highly recommend.  

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