Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Upgrade the Fluke Aircheck Firmware

Update the Software in the Tester

Download the AirCheck update file from the Fluke Networks website, or contact Fluke Networks to get the update by other means. Save the file to your hard disk.

Get the latest version of AirCheck Manager from the Fluke Networks website.

(Just register and then download the software.)

Start AirCheck Manager on your PC.

Turn on the tester.

Use the USB cable supplied with the tester to connect the tester to the PC.

Select AirCheck > Update Software.

Click Select, find and select the update file (.xlf extension), then click Open.

Click Update.

When the transfer is completed, disconnect the USB cable from the tester.

The screen on the tester is blank and the tester ticks while it installs the update file. When the update is completed, the home screen shows on the tester.

Note: The power key is disabled during a software update. If you remove the battery before the update completes, the update starts again when you turn on the tester.

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