Monday, July 5, 2010

Cisco WAAS gets a bad rap... Takes like under 10 minutes...

I just read a thread where people are complaining about Cisco WAAS. Well I have to take two certification exams on the thing here shortly but I don't have one to show you.

The box is pretty much plug and play.

Can you do this:

Role of the device: CM or may application accelerator

IP Address + subnet mask + Gateway


Domain Name

Setup the correct time and timezone on all WAAS Devices?

Anyway... it's gonna take me longer to unbox the thing, or assign an IP Address, than it will to configure the 2 WAN Appliances in total.

Everything is pre-optimized out of the box. I'll have a harder time upgrading the licenses more than anything else.

Canned reports and setting up the email list to send the reports to will take another couple of minutes.

Who had trouble with this?


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